I am an industrial engineer with experience leading projects for the improvement of operations and the development of business strategies. I combine my expertise with creative tools and methodologies to conceive new products and service experiences addressing to needs and desires that help companies successfully overcome the challenges of the future. -

I practiced Fencing (Foil) for more than 15 years taking part in multiple national and international competitions and during this time I finished my Industrial Engineering bachelor degree at Andres Bello Catholic University in 2000. The task to combine sport with studies was very challenging but the experience provided me valuable attributes like perseverance, discipline and manage of time.

In 2002, I travelled to Spain to study a Master degree in International e-business with the accomplishment of an internship in England, I strengthened my entrepreneur, marketing and e-business knowledge, besides developing skills through working in a multicultural team.

Back to Venezuela, my early experience was majority doing technical jobs (1999-2008) in companies from the public and private sector specialized in areas such as: Maintenance Services, Education, Hydraulic Engineering and Public Finance, played several positions what it have given to me a real broad vision of business culture and organizational behavior.

During this period, my father was diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, and the fact to live with him this condition, made me aware about the quality of services in general and started to have a strong desire to be involved in the improvement of others life.

Later in 2008, and following my real passion, I decided to give my career a new approach more creative and related to design (2009-now). I found a job in a Branding &Visual Merchandising Studio, to make enhancements for processes, organizational environment, systems and infrastructure. And after that, I was hired as a player of the team to attend clients like Telefónica, BBVA, Banco Mercantil, Excelsior, etc.

It was at that time, when I discovered Design Thinking and recognized in this approach, the opportunity to develop myself in an area where I could converge my education and background with my talents, hobbies and my wish to help to build a better world.

Since this moment to now, I have been doing many courses and workshops, traveling to the USA to improve my English, taking part in projects which allow me to be engage with people and practice methodologies related to the user centered design: identify their real necessities and emotions and develop new solutions thought for them.




UCAB-Prodiseño. Caracas, Venezuela



IESA (Superior Studies of Administration Institute). Caracas, Venezuela



(Emphasis on Latin American Business). Double mayor:

  • Mayor: International Business (Emphasis on Latin American Business)
  • Mayor: E-business
IDEC, Universitat Pompeu Fabra. Barcelona, Spain



UCAB (Universidad Católica Andrés Bello). Caracas, Venezuela




  • Storytelling for Change” Acumen+ &  The Ariel Group, Online,2015
  • Business Innovation” Factor Gurú. Caracas, Venezuela September 2011
  • “Letters of Credit and International Trade”.BNP Paribas. Paris, France. July 2007
  • “Seminar of Financial Management”. HSBC. Ciudad de Panamá, Panamá. April 2006




  • “Adobe-Graphic Design Softwares” (90 horas). CDD. Caracas, Venezuela. June 2011
  • StoreWindow that Sell More”. Todo Vitrinas . Caracas, Venezuela. July 2010







Private Companies, NPO's and Startups


Freelance Work


Innovation Consultant

I am offering and providing consultancy, workshops and projects related to new business (products, services and brand experiences) that include:

  • Business Strategies (Environment Analysis, Business Modeling, Stakeholders Map, Blue Ocean Strategy, Target Definition, Balance Score Card, KPIs)
  • New Concept Definitions (Field Research, Synthesis, Personas, Brainstorming, Value Maps, Prototyping, Testing and Refining)
  •  Change Implementation – Project Management (Gantt, Budget, Service Blueprint, Process Manuals, Branding & Communication Strategies, Profit and Loss Statement




Architecture and Design Studio focus in Branding and Visual Merchandising



Business Strategy Designer

According to the necessities, I played different rolls in projects related to Branding and Visual Merchandising for large Venezuelan clients like Banco Mercantil, Banesco, BBVA, Excelsior Gamma, Central Madeirence, etc.

  • Project Manager: Planning, budget and time estimations, proposals, Pitch to clients; team and supplier supervision, performance assurance and reporting.
  • Creative Team Player: Conceptualization and giving the team a business strategy approach.





Management  Consultant

I was hired to evaluate the operations, bring proposals, analysis with directors and launch enhancements for:

  • Organizational Structure: Hierarchical Structure and relations between positions, definition, description and responsibilities for each position as well as editing of manuals.
  • Lead an Inside Branding Project to help to build the culture of the company.
  • Processes: Process definition, road maps, identify points to enhance, solutions proposal, editing manuals for the main processes of each department.
  • Systems: Lead a project to develop a Access-AutoCAD app to manage the Visual Merchandising Inventory in the stores of clients”.
  • Infrastructure: Evaluation, Planning, vendor relation, supervision of maintenance activities. Lead an extended corporate cultural shift program in order to enhance employee ownership on common spaces resulting in a full remodeling of the company.
  • Management Strategies: Workshops facilitation to define “The Initial Position”, scenario evaluation, budget estimation and strategy definition as well as goals for each department and documentation (Strategic Annual Plan).




Lunch Boxes Delivery Service:  homemade, healthy and tasty food specially designed for Executive Office Workers




In a partnership with a friend, we started up our own company inspired by the complained stories of others friends who craved for the perfect lunch option and using our cooking passion while combining our expertise in business and retail. My job consisted in:

  • Business Design: Idea development, Business Model, Products Design (Concept, Prices, Package), Marketing Strategies, Social Network Management.
  • Operations Set Up: Recipes design, Inventory, Budget Estimation, Accounting Statements, Transport and Customers Services.




Government Retail Bank with more than 70 agencies



Foreing Trade Coordinator

I had the responsibility to set up operations and manage the team of the Foreign Trade Department, which consisted in:

  • Project Leader: Set up of the letters of credit department: Product design (prices lists, forms design, legal terms); Processes road maps and Manuals, IT-platform adaptation (definition of the necessities of employees and translating them to the IT team), Test and Refinement of Processes and System.
  • Coordination the daily Letters of Credit operations: Costumers Support, SWIFT messages, accounting entries, correspondent banks request, documents review, identification of discrepancies and closure of operations.


Banco del Tesoro


Financial Analyst

I was a member of the team which made possible the birth of this Bank, since it was a just a group of 10 people sitting in a table until it was a huge Corporation with many Departments and Branches all over the Country:

  • Project Leader: “Plan to set up operations of the Treasury Department”: Roadmaps, forms design, spreadsheets for control of the operations design, etc.
  • Responsible of issuing “The Weekly Investments Report”: Market indicators, status of portfolio, analysis and offers of investments (revenue fixes) for the domestic market.




Institute of Navigation in Rivers and Channels is responsible for the management, security, research and maintenance of the National Fluvial Ways.



External Consultant (System & Operations)

Part time job which consisted in two 6 month projects. At the same time, I gave support at home looking after my father who had SLA

  • Project Leader: “A Computer Program to manage the database of files and manuals”; “Feasibility analysis for the use of electronic signatures to do transactions by Internet”; Website layout design


Unilinx UK

July 2002-September 2002

Coaching Service Company which helps pre-College students to choose their best career options


Internship (Loughborough, England)

I traveled to the UK for a summer internship and then I got a proposal for a full time job, which I had to refuse and go back to Venezuela to support my family when my father was diagnosed with SLA:

  • Business Plan (which was accepted in the bank)
  • Marketing Plan 2002-2003;
  • Website layout design




Trucks Maintenance Service for Mass Consumption Products Companies


Project Engineer

I started to work in this company to do my Thesis and then I was hired as a full time employee. I left this job to travel to Spain for my masters:

  • Design, launch and management of “The National Supply Chain and Logistics to Auto parts for the Maintenance of Trucks”; Design and launch “The National Auto-Parts Storehouse”. Functional Design of “The Auto-Parts Control System”.




Data Analysis
Processes Road Maps
Accounting Statements
Management Indicators
Strategies Definitions
Business Modeling
Holistic Thinking





Visual Communication
Service Design Tools




Microsoft Office
Adobe Design
Word Press
Social Media







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Other Interests


I started to explore my painting and drawing skills when I was in London in 2008. I had never tried before, because I was convinced that, as a technical person, I hadn’t any talent to do it. It was such a big surprise when I discovered that, not only I was able to do something, also that It was so much fun. During my studies in The Conservatoire of Music & the Arts. Blackheath, England, I learned how to mix and use colors and how to use charcoal to recreate landscapes, portraits and other motives.




After my experience with the arts in London, I decided to explore photography, as another form of visual expression. I did  3 basic levels of analogical photography, learned how to use a reflex camera and develop films and make copies in the laboratory. Later, I went a little bid more deeper, attending conferences and speech related to this discipline.



I found particular interesting the documentary photography, which is used to chronicle significant and historical events and everyday life, because require a sense of empathy and high sensitivity to understand the environment from the author.



During my 10’s and 20’s, I practiced fencing in a very serious way (4-5 hours per day, 7 days per week). I spent must of my time traveling,  domestic and international, to attend many camps and championships with the dream to be an Olympic medalist.  This experience provided me very valuable attributes like responsibility, perseverance, discipline and teamwork. But one of the most important “take away” was the time managing, because at the same time, I was also a full time high school and college student.

Being a member of the Venezuelan Fencing Team also means to have the opportunity to visit many countries and learn different cultures and traditions.





When I tried Yoga the first time, I immediately fell in love because I had never tried before a physical activity which brings you so much benefits at the same time. “Yoga is the technology of the well-being”, says very often my teacher Pedro Luis Otero, addressing the perfect harmony between soul, mind and body that you can get trough the regular practice.


To have worked with Mairim as a customer of her Design Thinking consultancy approach has opened a new world in the way we conceived what we always felt as an “avant garde” way of marketing. She has not only taught us a more authentic way of connecting with the market (people) we serve, but has seamlessly become part of the team when mentoring us at Marketing del Bueno. Her proposal of a human innovation concept has made us more inspired an even more eager to serve our clients through alignment with our purpose and how to manifest it through processes that interconnect with people. I am grateful.
- Daniel Guerra, General Director, Marketing del Bueno daniel@marketingdelbueno.com

Besides of  being a joy to work with , Mairim is a take-charge person who is able to present creative ideas and communicate the benefits to them. She has successfully developed several projects for our company that have resulted in positive terms. Mairim was also extraordinary helpful in all areas of the company. Her sef-motivation and compromise assumed let her to play a leadership role in meetings , helping and motivating other employees.                            November 13, 2012

- Eduardo Aldrey Ramirez, General Director, I&RS ealdrey@imageretail.com

Mairim is a person with a will of personal constant improvement. Since I knew her, first making an original and difficult thesis of degree and then as professional being employed at my company, always she has demonstrated an interest to learn and give the better thing of herself. Her proactivity and initiatives made her a professional of high value for the organization. From the personal point of view, Mairim comes from a family with deep moral principles that allows us to deduce where her correct behaviour along her life comes from and likewise it tells us what we must expect from her. October 22, 2012   - Eduardo Angulo Paolini, General Directo, Serflot. eduardoangulop@yahoo.com

Mairim has an admirable work ethic and is extremely determined. She is totally flexible and can adapt easy to any tipe of situation or challenge she is faced with. Her self-motivation, enthusiasm and levels of commitment are highly commendable. She never lacks for inspiration and is more than willing , and capable, of learning anything that is put in her path. She is out going and communicative, with exceptional inter personal skills with a great sense of humour. May, 2012 - Becky Donaghy-Sutton, General Director, UNILINX UK. beckydonaghysutton@hotmail.com



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